We are happy to announce a week full of dance flow, acro, mobility, handstand, partnering and tricking and also some workshops for babys and toddlers!


Sign up for the workshops: Spond group code: RVQRU


Ghia is a circus artist hailing from Helsinki, Finland, with a background in sport and arts. Throughout her professional studies at Salpaus Circus Education and her career in the circus realm, she has delved deeply into a multitude of disciplines, encompassing dance, floor acrobatics, and handbalancing on varying stages including canes and even atop others’ heads. Continuously seeking growth, she has pursued additional education through numerous courses conducted by esteemed instructors across various styles and locations, including Ukraine, France, and Sweden, as well as under the guidance of esteemed teachers such as Jarkko Mandelin (Kinetic Orchestra), Anton Lachky (The Slovaks), and Luke Jessop (Ion Tribe). Her performance journey has taken her across Europe, participating in productions both as a member of ensembles and as a solo performer. Presently, her focus lies on the study of psychology, providing external perspective in both artistic endeavors as well as in teaching movement.

Photo: Sebastian Trzaska


Tatu is a dedicated enthusiast of long-term physical movement, with a steadfast commitment to exploring the depths of human potential.Through sharing knowledge, he strives to connect with both novices and masters, fostering empathy and adaptability towards individuals from diverse backgrounds. Having encountered and surmounted various physical and mental challenges has instilled in him a deep-seated confidence in his ability to support any body and anybody in enhancing their capabilities. Tatu has extensively explored and honed his abilities across an extensive spectrum of disciplines, including tricking, acrobatics, handbalancing, juggling, calisthenics, climbing, martial arts, freediving, parkour, among others.

Sign up for the workshops: Spond group code: RVQRU

Dance flow workshops

In those classes, Ghia combines her long experience of acrobatics, dance and movement research. During the workshops we aim for fluidity, continuity and freedom of movement. We can use spirals to access the floor, leap through the air, and roll across the space. The ability to move softly is not only beautiful to look at, but it is also beneficial to the body – it protects the joints and it is a way of movement which is excellently easy to practice wherever!

The dance flow workshops are divided into different focus on different days, starting with acrobatic elements, then floor work and creative tools. 

Acrobatic elements: Focusing on tricks and possibility to work on them for a long time. 

Floor work: Making the floor your friend! Low level stuff. 

Creative tools: Exercises on taking impulses, doing familiar movements with new twists, putting things together in a sequence in different ways

In those workshops we do a good warm up together, use some games and creative tools to get moving in the body and in the head, use some time to learn a few acrobatic mechanics, and aim to put some of them in a flowy sequence. 
For whom: mixed level, age 16+/adults

Teacher: Ghia


Extending the active range of movement. We start with mobility through soft movement and progress to some targeted exercises. We do soft and calm practice, but by no means passive. The main focus will be on the hips (for splits and smooth movement from the hip socket) and on the back (how to twist safely, how to arch and extend) – however we will do a full body mobility class, as everything is connected. We use tools from pilates, dance, yoga and circus contortion. Those workshop are great warm up or cool down for/from the dance flow and handbalancing classes.

The classes will have different focus; two classes with splits and hips, and two classes focusing on spine, neck, strong back and bridges.

FOR WHOM? Open level, come as you are! Age: 16+

Teacher: Ghia

Handbalancing for beginners

How to start practicing handstands? We try to tackle the fears which come with upside-downedness and falling, and learn to practice handbalancing safely. We start with a proper warm up considering handbalancing, do some body research on necessary mechanics for standing on hands, such as hip positions, where to generate power, what body parts easily experience strain, and where to relax and isolate. We will also learn how to spot a handstand (ie. how to help a friend to balance). The biggest aim of the workshop is to give long lasting tools for your personal practice.

FOR WHOM? Open level practice. Aimed for complete beginners. Age: 16+

Teachers: Ghia and Tatu

Handbalancing for intermediate and advanced

How to keep practicing handbalancing? In this workshop we do some body research on necessary mechanics for standing on hands, such as hip positions, where to generate power and where to relax and isolate. We will dive into versatile handstand positions, some mounts and dismounts for versatility and fun purposes. We’ll practice spotting a handstand and how to divide your practice into categories. At the end of the workshop we have reserved some free time, where you can either keep working on something from the class or ask advice on your own project, f.ex. some trick you eagerly want to learn or how to put a handstand in a sequence. The biggest aim of the workshop is to give long lasting tools for your personal practice.

FOR WHOM? Intermediate level practice. Aimed for people who dare to kick up to a handstand without a wall and can hold a handstand for over 10 seconds with some help of a partner or a wall. Age: 16+

Teachers: Ghia and Tatu


​​”In this workshop, we explore the dynamic interplay between our own bodies and those of others, drawing upon principles from dance, contact improvisation, partner acrobatics, and martial arts to craft movement sequences. Participants will have the opportunity to engage with both foundational techniques and more advanced acrobatic maneuvers, all presented with a focus on safety and pedagogical guidance.

While the material is initially designed for partners of similar size, it can be adapted for couples of varying proportions. The session will commence with thorough warm-up routines, followed by interactive partner exercises aimed at fostering playful exploration and mastering partnering mechanics. Finally, we will conclude with a reflective improvisation segment accompanied by music, allowing participants to integrate and express themselves using the skills acquired throughout the workshop.

All are welcome to participate independently or with a companion! Please note that partner rotations will be frequent throughout most of the interactive exercises, so you won’t be with your own partner the entire workshop, unless you specifically wish so.”
Age: 16+

Acro & Tricking

Workshop on floor acrobatics and tricking, introducing ways to learn more extreme movements such as: off-axis twisting flips, shapes during vertical jumps and other skills closer to the ground, each advancing from a basic exercise into a ‘trick’ and so on to an impressive airborne skill. 

We practice a safe method of learning these skills. During the classes we gather understanding of how to create and manipulate momentum, start developing necessary body awareness to succeed, take note of information on conditioning and protecting joints from injuries. Main goal is unlocking doors for a broad class of movement and enjoy overcoming oneself.

Beginners: for everyone interested in starting, evolving or depthening their movement journey. No skill requirements, come as you are. 

In the workshop we offer tools for long-term practice where perseverance is more valuable than starting level, and acrobatics and tricking are approachable for everyone so don’t be too shy. 

Advanced class has a faster pace, and offers more challenges.
Recommended prerequisites: cartwheel, tuck jump, a pirouette jump (turning fully around back to the starting position).

Age: 16+

Teachers: Tatu and Ghia

Baby and toddler circus


45 minutes of fun playing with parent-baby combination. We do forms and shapes together, explore touch and lifting, play with circus equipment like soft juggling balls and fabrics, and listen to some music together. Very soft and approachable!

This 45-minute session offers gentle movement and playful parent-baby interaction. We aim to create a nurturing and creative environment where you and your baby can explore circus-themed activities together. In the process you might even break a sweat a little bit. 

What to do laying on your picnic blanket on the next sunny day? We got some ideas!

Our activities are aimed at fostering a deep connection between you and your baby, promoting physical interaction, and encouraging playful exploration. The gentle movements and interactive exercises help to develop your baby’s motor skills, coordination, and sensory awareness in a fun and supportive setting. This class is designed to be very soft and approachable, ensuring that parents and babies feel comfortable and welcome. We want to share and instill a love for physical activity and imaginative play in both you and your little one. 

SIGN UP: Session is free of charge and you can come&leave as you need!
There will be limited spots, so please sign up for the workshop thru Spond Spond group code: RVQRU

Sunday the 23th at Oslo teatersenter at 15:00 – please note its on the third floor, with no elevator
Tuesday the 25th at 12:00 will be outside at Vigelandsparken, and if many people sign up we will do two sessions. This workshop will be weather-dependent.

Teaching language: English & Norwegian

Teachers: Ghia and Norea


Similar to our baby circus with a 45 minutes session, with a little bit more opportunities for the children to move independently and explore. You can pick & choose which activities you want to do, and just hang out and enjoy the time spent in this environment. These activities are designed to promote physical fitness, balance, and proprioceptive awareness while ensuring everyone has a good time. 

This workshop is born from a will to share the joy of circus, and facilitate an opportunity for families to bond through movement and play, embracing the innocent enthusiasm and joy of a wondrous imaginative perspective. All feelings are welcome here 🙂 

You might even break a little sweat in the process!

Parents are responsible for their own child(ren) and the parent is expected to be present throughout the class. 

The class is free of charge and anyone can join.  There will be limited spots, so please sign up to secure a spot Spond group code: RVQRU

Sunday the 23th of June at 16:00 at Oslo teatersenter. Please note there is no elevator, and workshop is on the third floor.
Tuesday the 27th of June at 12:00 at Vigelandsparken, with possibility to do two sessions if many want to join. This workshop will be weather-dependent!

Teaching language: Norwegian & English

Teachers: Ghia and Norea (on Thursday also Tatu)


Sign up for the workshops: Spond group code: RVQRU

Please note: Payment is non-refundable. Practicing is at each own risk and responsibility