The training is organized by Sirkuspunkt, an independent union for self training (no formal lessons) in Oslo. We meet up and exchange ideas and techniques. There´s room and equipment for aerial silks, lyra (hoop), trapeze, rope, acrobatics and juggling. We normally have 1 silk, 1 trapeze and 1 hoop rigged.

Our goal is to act as a gathering point for circus enthusiasts.

Currently most of the activity is managed in our Facebook Group. Please join there if you’re interested.


Semester (regular) 500
Semester (student) 300
Course 100
Drop In/Trial 50

Payment: bank transfer to 1503.73.02160, with Vipps (search for  Sirkuspunkt or nr 18966) or bring cash.

The money is used to rent the gym and maintain and buy equipment.

You can register here.


In Oslo, at Adamstuen, the NMBU gym of Norwegian university of Life Sciences.

The gym is in the middle between Thusltrups gate and Armauer Hansens Gate. Finding it is a challeng if you’re joining for the first time. There are two options:

1) Walk along Armauer Hansens Gate, take a small path up between house number 10 and 14. You end up in front of a red wooden building, go thorugh the passage and you’ll stand right in front of the gym.

2) In Thusltrups Gate, opposite of house number 2, just after Sognsveien, there is a long driveway up (some sports/playgrounds are next to it). Go/cycle/drive that up all the way, the gym is the first building on the left.


Training is on Wednesdays (17:30-19:00) and Saturdays (11:00-13:00). There is no formal teaching, but an informal exchange of ideas, technique, smiles and lots of goodness. Bring yourself, some flexible clothes and in winter some warm socks.

There are 4 rigging points, we have 5-6 m ceiling height.
Sirkuspunkt has at the moment one aerial silks, a trapeze, a hoop and a rope. There are also matts and thick pads for drops. Other equipment can of course be brought along. 

We have received a great financial support for this from Sparebankstiftelsen.